Being a working mother, I had a constant guilt issue over my kids and never seemed to be able to find equilibrium in life. Using thought-provoking questions, Susan has allowed me to reflect on my values and identify my life priorities. Now as a result of my personal changes, my loved ones are also sharing my happiness and inner peace.  (A.T.)
Coaching literally means to transport someone from one place to another. Whatever form the coaching is, it all involves identifying an area for change and moving forward.

Although personal coaching is primarily one-to-one, it can take place in all contexts. Executive and business coaching has flourished as organizations now realize that they can improve both the performance and motivation in a workplace using coaching techniques and methods.

At the same time, it’s often impossible to separate work from life. Our lives contain themes that run through them like common- coloured threads. That is exactly why life coaching, or coaching outside the workplace has become an effective tool for anyone seeking to improve specific areas of their life, or simply the quality of life in general. Life purpose/mission, spiritual attainment, relationships, career, health and personal development are all common subjects.