Coaching has benefitted me immensely in conflict resolution at work. My insightful conversations with Susan have directed a change in the way I handle a situation. I am able to have a greater understanding and appreciation of the bigger picture. Susan has a great talent in allowing me to look at an issue with clarity and more importantly, to make an outcome achievable. By tapping into my own potential that I failed to see, I have regained confidence at work – and in life.  (B.J.)
I work on all areas and aspects of life, and only focus on results. My coachees come from all walks of life – from professionals to homemakers to young adults, and from locals to expatriates to new immigrants. The way that I work is that I integrate Western psychology and Eastern spirituality, allowing you to tune into your inner self and yet ensuring practical outcomes.

My emphasis is on life and spiritual coaching which is to enable my coachees to gain clarity to their life purpose. With awareness, they make steps to find their total fulfillment to make themselves wholesome and complete. Once someone is able to find his personal path, he progresses to connect with others and be in union with the cosmic entity.