Susan has helped me to rediscover my passion at work and find out what my life purpose is. I have consequently made a career change and I am finally doing something that aspires me! I have learned to challenge myself and have confidence in my own ability far beyond what I thought would be possible. I love my balanced new life now and coaching is definitely an integral part of my personal development.  (P.H.)
A lot of people get confused between counseling and coaching. First and foremost, coaching deals with the present and the future. It rests on the principal that the past need not equate to the future.

Counseling, on the other hand, does remedial work on the problem of individuals, who often have some discomfort or dissatisfaction with life. Therapists often provide emotional healing and relief from psychological and/or physical symptoms. Both are likely to involve understanding of past experiences in order to identify and remove previously created blocks or obstacles. It is also different from consultancy where the solutions are mostly provided by the consultants.